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We aim to create an ecosystem consisting of people, technology and procedures
With over 15 years of experience in the Romanian market and in other European countries in offering software solutions and services, Optima aims to become one of the most important suppliers in the area. Our slogan, “Business IQ.” is transposed into our desire to offer high quality solutions and services according to the business model of each individual client.

Trust, professionalism, innovation. Three elements that define the experience accumulated in the 15 years of activity on the markets of Romania and Eastern European countries. Because we invest all of our expertise to offer customers customized solutions for their needs, every year we work with more than 200 partners activating in different sectors such as retail, FMCG, bricolage, telecom, banks, public administration and others.

With a philosophy focused on building long-term business relationships, Optima created the "Optimal" brand that offers applications designed using the latest IT technologies, internationally recognized and available on a wide range of electronic and mobile devices.



In order to strengthen our leading position, we invested in the most important resource of an organization, people. Values such as the effort to be the best, cooperation and teamwork, responsibility and continuous learning are fundamental pillars in creating a work environment free of stress factors, characterized by cooperation, progress and professional competence.


Founded in 2002, Optima Group is one of the most important companies specialized in the development of mobile software solutions and the provision of inventory services, with offices in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca.

For over 15 years, we have been offering innovative software solutions dedicated to the entrepreneurial environment that develop an efficient management process for repetitive tasks, thus influencing productivity, an essential element in any business. Our know-how includes good resources and specialized applications for asset inventories, automation of sales activities, logistics, integration solutions and last but not least, marketing.

Our competences

Fixed assets inventory




Business Intelligence


Artificial intelligence




Internet Of Things






Mobile applications


Smart technology

Our description in a few words


software solutions for fixed assets inventory




fixed asset inventory services

We work with over 50

of the largest 100 companies
in Romania

Clients in

Discover the World of Software Development



Founding Member in Cluj IT Cluster


annual recurrent clients

Over 3.000.000

assets subjected to inventory each year

Over 120.000.000

stock units subjected to stocktaking each year
National coverage
for inventory services

Regional centers:

  • Bucharest - 3 Regional managers
    București, Ilfov, Giurgiu, Prahova, Dâmbovița
  • Bacău - 1 Regional manager
    Bacău, Suceava, Piatră Neamț, Miercurea Ciuc
  • Iași - 1 Regional manager
    Iași, Botoșani, Vaslui
  • Brăila - 1 Regional manager
    Brăila, Galați, Focșani, Buzău, Slobozia
  • Cluj - 1 Regional manager
    Cluj, Oradea, Zalău, Satu Mare, Baia Mare, Bistrița, Târgu Mureș, Albă Iulia, Hunedoara
  • Constanța - 1 Regional manager
    Constanța, Tulcea, Călărași
  • Pitești - 1 Regional manager
    Pitești, Craiova, Slatina, Râmnicu Vâlcea, Alexandria
  • Timișoara - 1 Regional manager
    Timișoara, Arad, Reșița, Deva, Drobeta, Gorj
Attended no do thoughts me on dissuade scarcely

Mădălina Teușan

- Marks&Spencer

The collaboration with Optima Group took place in excellent conditions, the Optima team, through the professionalism of its employees, provided all the support for the timely completion and with a very good accuracy of the planned inventories. We recommend Optima Group for outsourced inventory services!

Anca Filip


The services provided by Optima Group are consistent with international quality standards and the professionalism of the employees is a very good one. We recommend Optima Group for the professionalism of the inventory services provided!

Silvia Stamatian


In order to ensure the services of electronic inventory of fixed assets, Optima Group showed professionalism, flexibility, seriousness, strength of proposal and responsiveness to the Bank's requests. The collaboration took place in the best conditions, we recommend Optima Group as a reliable partner.

Adela Florean

- Carrefour România

The collaboration between us and the Optima Group team for inventory services at Carrefour locations has been very good for all 171 locations. The result obtained after the inventory process was very good in terms of accuracy and was achieved in a short period of time