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Optima Group, market leader in fixed asset inventory
Optima Group is the leader on the Romanian market in the field of outsourced fixed asset inventory services, implementing projects for companies that own between several hundred and several hundred thousand geographically distributed assets. We work every year with companies from different fields of activity such as retail, banks, utilities, public institutions, telecom, hotels, shopping centers, office buildings, the medical sector or other industries.
for fixed asset inventory in Romania
from the Romanian market of outsourced inventory services
> 3.000.000
of assets subjected to inventory annually
Top 10
the largest fixed asset inventory projects in Romania
> 3000
of locations subjected to inventory each year
> 600
of last generation mobile terminals

How does it work?

All companies manage different types of assets that enable them to operate more efficiently and be more competitive. Correct asset accounting is essential for any organization, having both accounting, tax implications and also related to information requirements.

The outsourcing of the fixed assets and inventory objects inventory is a service that is addressed to all companies with many assets and that allows them to obtain, within a very short time, a correct situation of the patrimony both from an accounting and logistical point of view.
Why outsource fixed asset inventory to Optima Group?
We have teams of fixed asset inventory specialists equipped with handheld terminals, barcode printers and other specialized equipment.
We adapt the methodology according to the specificities of each beneficiary.
Geographic distribution
We are able to carry out active inventory projects with national coverage, within a short period of time.
Our project management team has experience in numerous projects, trains a large number of agents, most of them with long experience in this field, agents that we can mobilize in a short period of time.
Being the undisputed leader on the Romanian market for fixed asset inventory, we have extensive experience with prestigious beneficiaries.
Independence and impartiality – the results obtained are fair and objective.
Software solution
The Optima fixed asset inventory platform enables real-time inventory tracking.
0 costs for the beneficiary's human resources and equipment.
We perform quick and accurate inventory of fixed assets.
Based on an experience built following hundreds of projects, the Optima Group team has perfected over time a reliable inventory procedure, which ensures a maximum level of accuracy in the special conditions of each project. The stages of each fixed asset inventory project are as follows:

At each stage, Optima Group consultants will create a customized activity plan, which takes into account the specifics of the patrimony, locations and procedures applicable by each beneficiary. All these activities will constitute an inventory procedure that will be uniformly applied by all inventory teams.

Asset identification is based on barcode labels or RFID Tags already applied or being applied by the Optima Group team, which are scanned using the Cinque application installed on mobile terminals with an RFID scanner or reader. After the scan of all assets on site is completed, the data is synchronized in the BackOffice Cinque application, where comparisons are made with the situation on record and inventory lists are completed.
The identification of assets by the inventory teams is carried out according to one of the following methods:

· By scanning a label with barcodes or RFID Tag already applied to organizational assets, these labels being recognized based on a nomenclature of items loaded in the mobile terminals;

· If such a label does not exist, it is necessary to use another unique identification criterion, such as serial number (for IT objects) or inventory number coded numerically and marked on the asset. This information can be entered from the keyboard of the mobile terminal into the Cinque application;

· If there is no information associated with the individual objects that can be used to identify the assets, an identification procedure will be carried out, which takes into account the specifics of the patrimony;

· For each patrimony object, the Cinque software application gathers on site, in addition to the mere existence of the respective object, additional descriptive information, such as: serial number, brand, model, manufacturer, dimensions, but also of context: the exact location of the object (at room/office/floor level), the user of the object. Through the procedure, the agents will also enter in the terminal information about the object's operating status, to allow proposals for scrapping to be made.
The inventory procedure used by Optima Group allows the detection and correction of
any possible human errors involved in the inventory process. If the organization maintains nomenclatures of fixed assets and inventory items at the location level, by uploading this data to the mobile scanning terminals, after the completion of the field stage in each location, lists of missing items can be drafted, which will be validated with the regional representative of the organization.

Any additions identified by the inventory team on site will also be validated, this initial validation stage being part of the reconciliation stage at location level. After the centralization of all locations, a stage of refining the checks will be carried out, at the level of the entire database, based on algorithms developed by Cinque, which allow a very high level of efficiency and accuracy.
By outsourcing the inventory activity, there is no need to interrupt the current activity, regardless of the departments involved. Our agents have extensive experience in both running the operational procedure and dealing with customer personnel to reduce the discomfort created by specific inventory activities.
The price for carrying out the fixed asset inventory process is usually set as a price per asset subjected to inventory or as a fixed price for the entire project. Therefore, the resulting price is completely transparent and known in advance.
Beneficiaries to whom we have provided stock inventory services
Options and Related Services
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supply of equipments for the inventory of fixed assets - barcode printers, portable terminals, software solution
consumables for the inventory of fixed assets - labels of various types and barcode printers
inventory of fixed assets with RFID
the classic inventory of fixed assets, carried out in the traditional way, without the use of barcodes or RFID Tags
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