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CINQUE solution (MF and OI)

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CINQUE is the complete solution for fixed asset managing and inventory (fixed assets
and inventory items) throughout the entire life cycle, from acquisition to scrapping. You
can track all assets in the company, whether its a laptop, a compressor or a
lawnmower. The CINQUE digital asset management solution allows the collection and
updating of comprehensive information on site to help with a very precise management
of all assets in the company using barcodes or RFID tags. CINQUE is the market leader
for management and inventory solutions with implementations in many industries such
as retail, banks and insurance, utilities, the public sector and many other industries,
companies that have from several thousand to hundreds of thousands of assets
geographically distributed.

The possibility to install the application on the beneficiary's server (on-premise) or cloud infrastructure.
Asset details
Inventory number, name, value, location, category, status, GPS coordinates, serial
number, manager, brand, model, manufacturer, supplier, purchase date, dimensions,
cost centers, invoice number.
Files attached to assets
Photos, videos, invoices, PVs, warranty certificates, technical characteristics, receipts,
any other document.
Registration and generation of several types of operations and documents (transfers,
removals from management, PVs).
Email or SMS alerts for transfers, the approval process for operations and documents,
warranty expiration, maintenance reminders, any customized alert.
Identification based on barcodes
Scanning simplifies the identification process, reduces time and increases data
accuracy for asset tracking and monitoring. Labels can be of several types depending
on the environment in which the asset is found.
Fixed asset inventory
The performance of inventory activities with the help of the CINQUE
application offers the beneficiary tools that make the whole process easier.
Asset devices
Multiplatform client applications (mobile phones / scanners / tablets with Android, iOS,
Windows operating systems).
Automatic reconciliation proposals based on name, serial number, photos, location,
purchase date, value or other criteria.
Standard reports according to legislation, customized reports, dynamic reports,
dashboards, the possibility of exporting in different formats (Excel, PDF, etc.).
History tracking
The possibility to keep the history of all operations on the assets throughout their life
cycle, from acquisition to scrapping (movements, changes of management, etc.).
Asset maintenance
The module designed for the organization, tracking and planning of asset service and
maintenance activities.
Implementation steps:
Initial analysis
Budget planning
Testing and implementation
Maintenance, post implementation services
Market research:
We had discussions with the persons responsible for asset management in order to
understand which are the most important situations they face in the fixed asset
inventory activity.

In the CINQUE solution we incorporated these functionalities so that we fulfill all these
requirements and develop a comprehensive solution.
On site identification
Managing the large volume of information
Staff productivity
Integration with other IT systems
Asset transfers during the year
Adding new assets on site
Inventory duration
Storing additional details for assets
Unitary name of assets
◉ Asset records are stricter
◉ Storage of complete information about assets
◉ Reduction of allocated costs by 60%
◉ Reduction of time spent on inventory
◉ Locating any fixed asset
◉ Tracking the movements of fixed assets
◉ The possibility to see the inventory activity of fixed assets in real time
◉ Configurable solution with short implementation time
◉ Friendly and intuitive interface
◉ Integration with any accounting system
◉ Reliable solution proven by numerous implementation activities
◉ Quality project management, implementation and post-implementation services
Features included in each version
CINQUE solution versions
Module Express Standard Enterprise
Annual inventory
Management of locations (branches) and their patrimony (making a physical stocktaking of locations in various parts of the country)
Management of all patrimony objects and premises in locations by barcodes identifiable with the help of mobile terminals
The possibility of online stocktaking of goods under the management of remote employees with their confirmation through the platform CINQUE
Special functions for barcode creating and printing, including in QR form
The possibility to see in real time the stocktaking activity of fixed assets on site
Viewing photos, completed details of a fixed asset that has been subjected to the stocktaking activity, GPS location data
Fixed asset reconciliation directly from the application, multi-level reconciliation
Reconciliation proposals after several levels
Dynamic display of commissions in stocktaking lists
Visualization of stocktaking for various periods, dashboard with the percentage of scans by locations, regions, users
Highlighting pluses and minuses on site directly in the application, including with photo and reasons for the minuses and pluses, observations
Screen with situations in stocktaking, both at the beginning and at the end
Reports on different managements, cost centers, buildings, regions, directions A26
Filters on various types of categories
The possibility to attach files in the asset sheets: for instance: invoices, minutes, etc.
Keeping a history of movements of patrimony objects (movements between different rooms of a location, between locations, between cost centers as well as between employees)
The possibility of validating a transfer directly on e-mail
The possibility of a fixed asset being temporarily transferred to another user
Creating a movement document with one or more fixed assets
Real-time transfer monitoring screen, transfer approval screen as well as export to accounting applications of validated transfers
The existence of several types of transfers: carried out by stocktaking, reconciliation, direct transfer from the application
The possibility to import and export files in different formats (inventory list, difference list, plus/minus assessment report)
The possibility of integration with any accounting system
Authentication by SSO (Single Sign On)
Daily synchronization of the employees from AD (Active Directory)
Daily or periodical synchronization of the contracts from the accounting system
Daily synchronization of the exchange rate
Synchronization with other programs of the company, the IT minutes, commissions part.
Export in any version cvs, xls, doc, txt for implementation in accounting systems.
Accounting functions
Complete management by groups and subgroups of classification of fixed assets and inventory items. This includes additions, changes and deletions of items, as well as inventory movements, transfers between locations
Update of depreciations of MFs, lifetime
The possibility of transfers from one accounting class to another accounting class
The ability to transfer value from one fixed asset to another
Registering and sending the record of a fixed asset directly to the accounting system
Removal from records of a fixed asset (sale, scrapping, donation)
Depreciation calculation and report generation
Mobile application
Taking decisions on scrapping based on the status found on site, directly on the terminal.
Tracking of the movements of the fixed assets.
Printing of barcode labels directly from the mobile application.
Document scanning directly in the mobile app (movement documents, handing-over – taking-over minutes)
View of photos directly in the mobile application
RFID tag scanning
The possibility to scan offline and the information will be sent to the server at the time of synchronization via the Internet
Validation of transfers by scanning QRs on issued documents, validation that is synchronized with the server
Check reports in real time directly in the mobile application
Retrieving GPS coordinates for each fixed asset
Retrieving various information of the fixed asset (series, size, model, etc.)
Operation of transfers from the mobile terminal
Inventory list
Plus inventory list
Minus inventory list
Minus/plus inventory list
Scrapping proposal situations
Transfer reports between different logistic units, buildings, cost centers, departments, etc.
Creating the specific reports required according to the beneficiary's requirements (Supporting Memorandum, Appendix of scrapped goods, etc.)
The possibility to store, generate supporting documents
Generation of documents specific to starting the stocktaking (Stocktaking decision, Stocktaking starting statement)
Notifications by e-mail with various requests, approvals, validations, allocations
Sending supporting documents by e-mail, from receipts to reports and minutes
Special functionalities
Creation of different roles of the users and the possibility for a user to have several roles.
The possibility to assign the rights of an employee to another employee
The possibility to create utilities by development exactly based on the requirements of the client, with customization.
Inserting of demonstrative videos
Creation of screens with manuals and various informative legal documents
Deadline expiration alerts either via email or through a screen or in-app messages
The possibility of managing and tracking fixed assets that are sent for service
The possibility for a fixed asset to be sold within the company, triggering a flow of approvals to the persons who will be involved in this operation
The possibility to open a ticket on certain components with the assigment of an employee to settle
Purchase functionalities
The possibility to update at any time the approval matrix and its import to the application
The possibility to create PR (purchase request)
The possibility to use a PR in several bids
The creation of a link between PR and budget when adding a PR
The possibility to create bids, to upload various types of documents, to send to suppliers and to select the best bid
The possibility to clone an existing bid (different suppliers)
The possibility to create a PO (purchase order)
Create a link between PO and budget when adding a PO
Possibility to add PO with missing contract status
Add PO with missing budget
The possibility to verify that the PO amount does not exceed the contract value
Value change of available value per contract with each order
Inquiry, modification of internal stock
The possibility of checking any supplier on the ANAF website
The possibility of managing budgets on different structures (cost centers, departments, etc.)
Beneficiaries to whom we have deployed CINQUE solution
Over 200 clients we work with:
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